The Kurtz Center, established in 1986, was a Professional Development Provider and Treatment/Highly Specialized Tutoring Facility, using scientifically based, researched approaches.  The Center was born out of care, frustration, a desire for real change, and a philosophy based on “can do,” not “can’t do.”  Realizing that they could make a difference in the lives of those with learning disabilities/difficulties, they found and developed individualized programs for all ages that conquer ALL forms of Learning Disabilities/difficulties, including the various Dyslexias and Attention Focus problems.  A physical, building location of a Center has been replaced with something even better.

Much of what was developed and provided continues today through Gail and Denton Kurtz, who started the Center and NOW PROVIDE consultation, diagnosis, treatment planning, remedial program training, and treatment/highly specialized tutoring throughout the United States and where ever English is spoken.  CALL for an initial telephone consultation.

When you choose to proceed, it will change your life or the life of someone you care about.  The years of  experience that the Kurtzes have had with these programs enables each individual, who completes the extraordinary training, to experience caring and respect through a success oriented and Socratic discovery method of tutoring. Once they get it, they own it and it is theirs!

Persons receiving help through the Kurtzes become self monitoring, self checking, independent learners, and can make years of academic gain in weeks.

A  dynamic individualized treatment plan is developed, followed carefully and modified as needed.  The tutoring and compliance of each individual to these successful approaches hold the keys to academic success, personal fulfillment, and self-esteem for persons with mild to severe learning challenges. Denton and Gail Kurtz want to share them with those of ANY AGE who want to MAKE IT HAPPEN, and they want to train and/or consult with those who wish to succeed at implementing these programs for these people.