Recently, we conducted an all day seminar entitled “Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills for Adult Learners” (for the 13th Annual Tutor Support Seminar ; the Adult Literacy League, Inc.).

We conducted the following sessions. For more information about these topics contact us.

  • Treating the Causes of Low Literacy – Not the Symptoms There must be a way to know the difference between the “symptoms” of an inefficient learner and the “cause” behind inefficient learning. This session will explore the different developmental levels of learning and can show you some simple ways to determine where the breakdown in the learning process is occurring. This session will also present guidelines for learning milestones to help you determine where your clients are in their learning process.
  • Memory Training Techniques that Work! Discover why memory training is one of the most overlooked and underdeveloped skills needed in learning. Participants will discover the different types of memory and its complex dimensions. Participants will experience practical techniques and exercises used to train word naming memory, memory for lists, sight memory for the spelling of words, dates etc.
  • Seeing Isn’t Believing, It’s Understanding! This session will explore the elements of thought imagery needed for complete and efficient understanding of information. Practical techniques will be taught to help tutors enhance their students’ comprehension levels. Simple ways to find the mistakes in students’ thought processes will be explored – whether they have incomplete thoughts, inaccurate thoughts, unorganized thoughts, or overwhelming detail in their thoughts. Proven redirection for inaccurate thought processes will be demonstrated.


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