Who should attend our Professional Research Based Instruction programs?

Those who are presently instructing or wish to instruct

  • Teachers
  • Graduate
  • Students
  • Student Teachers
  • School Administrators
  •  Clinicians
  • Educational therapists
  • Tutors

Who should attend our Para-Professional Research Based Instruction programs?

  • Teacher Aides
  • Teacher Volunteers
  • Tutors
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Youth camp administrators
  • Staff Mentors

Who will benefit from what you gain from our Research Based Instructional programs?

  • Preschoolers Kindergartners
  • Elementary Grade Students
  • High School Students
  • College Level Students
  • Adult Literacy Students
  • Juveniles and Adults within the juvenile detention and prison system

Our current course offering:

Research Based Instruction-Reading This course provides professionals and paraprofessionals with an opportunity to gain practical understandings of research based reading  instruction and to apply those understandings in a classroom setting.  For more information or to register for and begin the RBI-R course, contact us.

Check back often as we will be adding more courses soon.

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