Fast ForWord™/Scientific Learning

These programs are for children and/or adults who struggle with basic language skills or attention problems or for those who want to improve reading comprehension and organizational skills. These programs use the latest brain research to develop a wide range of early learning, language and reading skills.

Programs of the Scientific Learning Corporation:

Begun by Drs. Paula Tallal and Michael Merzenich, famous for their research in why people struggle with learning and how the brain can be trained or retained to overcome these difficulties/disabilities. These heavily researched, computer based, brain training programs can make phonological and phonemic awareness, speed of processing sounds and the other components of being able to read, listen and speak well, happen for you or your child.

Intensive 4-8 week programs to help build language and reading skills.

  • Fast ForWord Language™ – Trains the language and listening skills that are the foundation for reading.
  • Fast ForWord Language to Reading™ – Helps students make the link between spoken and written language.
  • Fast ForWord Reading™ – A supplemental program to rapidly improve the reading skills that correlate to school curriculum.
  • Fast ForWord Middle & High School™ – Trains the critical skills necessary for fluent reading and communication.
  • Self-paced software tools to measure and develop early reading skills.

Reading Edge™ – Fun, easy-to-use early reading assessment program.

  • Fast ForWord Basics™ – Develops and assesses basic learning skills and prepares children for other Fast ForWord programs.
  • Fast ForWord Bookshelf™ – A multimedia reading kit for grades K-6.
  • Special Pricing for Interactive Metronome & Fast ForWord® Programs

The Kurtz Center offers special pricing for the Interactive Metronome and the Fast ForWord® programs and guarantees the lowest price in the Central Florida area. We were the first educational Center in the State of Florida to offer these programs.

SPECIAL PRICING for Fast ForWord® at the Kurtz Center

  • Up to 6 weeks of daily training at the Kurtz Center.
  • Daily monitoring of client progress
  • Use of computer hardware
  • Daily Internet monitoring by Scientific Learning Corporation
  • Parent conferences to review progress
  • Lease of CD

Our Special Pricing for Fast ForWord Homesite® includes:

  • Six weeks of home training by the parent
  • Individual training of parent to do OFF-Site instruction
  • Lease of CD
  • A printout of student progress
  • Consultation with a Kurtz Center consultant weekly(or more frequently, if needed).
  • Consultants are available by phone, fax or Internet.

SPECIAL PRICING for Interactive Metronome (IM)

Interactive Metronome® by James Cassily, et al.  Training of rhythmicity, timing, motor planning and sequencing to improve the capacity to attend, learn and perform executive functions. It is also helpful in developing reading fluency.


  • Training at the Kurtz Center with a certified instructor.
  • Interactive Metronome for 3-5 weeks
  • We are certified providers of both the Interactive Metronome and Fast ForWord® programs.

Contact us to ask for special pricing for the Fast ForWord and Interactive Metronome

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