Reading of Words

  • Phonetic word attack (sounding out)
  • “Sight” word memory (remembering whole words)
  • Tracking words and lines Distortions causing confused, laborious reading
  • Rhythmic reading
  • Speed of reading

Reading Comprehension

  • Understanding what is being read
  • Thinking about how it relates to other information
  • ¬†Remembering what has been read

Spelling (Written and Oral)

  • Visual spelling (memorization of words)
  • Phonetic spelling (single and syllable sounds)
  • Symbol and sound [letter (s) and sounds] integration

Mathematics Computation

  • Understanding basic and complex computations in all math areas from Addition through advanced Math
  • Thinking about computation internally and externally
  • Remembering mathematic operations
  • Speed of computing

Mathematics Reasoning

  • Understanding math concepts
  • Thinking about math concepts
  • Remembering math concepts
  • Understanding and remembering tables, charts, and graphs
  • Word problem mastery


  • Handwriting legibility
  • Expressing oneself when writing

Listening Comprehension

  • Attending to spoken information
  • Understanding what has been heard
  • Thinking about what has been heard
  • Remembering what has been heard.

Oral Expression

  • Formulating thoughts
  • Organizing thoughts
  • Mis-speaking (malapropisms)
  • Speaking coherently and easily

Memory “Executive” Function – holding thoughts to store, think about/process

  • Short-term memory
  • Long-term memory

Thinking Skills

  • Age appropriate awareness
  • Sequential thought
  • Organized thought
  • Planning and goal orientation
  • Understanding and following directions
  • Time relationships Spatial (space) orientation
  • Map reading directions
  • Abstract/critical thinking
  • Concrete to abstract thinking

Study Skills

  • Sequencing and organizing, planning, goal setting, and follow through
  • Scheduling
  • Note taking
  • Outlining
  • Reviewing
  • Memorizing

Attention Focus

  • Distractibility
  • Inattentiveness
  • Impulsivity
  • Over activity
  • Attention span
  • Concentration

Directional Confusion

  • Reversals or confused sequence:
  • in reading
  • ¬†in writing
  • in math
  • Mis-speaks

Distractions or Distortions

  • “Irlen” syndrome
  • “Disorientation” (Davis)

Refinement of Receiving the Sounds (Phonemes) Speed of Processing Sounds


Sequential Thought

The Kurtz Center also provides special enrichment or enhancement training. This is for persons with little or no difficulties but who want to improve in efficiency and effectiveness of learning, study, test taking, etc.